Routine Surgery

Our clinic is equipped to provide routine surgical care for your pet. Routine surgeries are performed when your pet is considered generally healthy to reduce complications. Surgery can be a potentially frightening concept for people and pets alike. We will ensure that you have a complete understanding of why we are recommending surgery and that you are comfortable moving forward.

Common Pet Surgery Procedures

We make every effort to minimize risk and pain to our patients and provide communication, education and support. Our goal is to return your pet to you with a successful outcome to the surgery. We provide appropriate pain management to help them recover quickly and uneventfully. In addition, we provide adequate and realistic instructions to you regarding their post-operative care at home. We also maintain contact after the procedure to ensure everything continues smoothly.

Some of the routine procedures that are performed include spaying, neutering and dental prophy (cleaning) procedures.

Prior to the procedure, every surgical patient receives a full physical exam and baseline blood work, with additional lab services available as advised.  All patients receive constant monitoring during and after surgery.

All routine surgical procedures are performed with the pet placed under full general anesthesia. Your pet sleeps painlessly through the entire operation.

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